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Which African nation has the best quality of life

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The only indicator that both determines and measures a nation’s performance is the quality of life index. The amount of satisfaction individuals experience serves as motivation enough for them to work toward preserving and even enhancing that prosperity, while also openly admitting that their economic beliefs and structures are nothing less than very successful.

In layman’s terms, a country that has become accustomed to a good quality of living tends to work harder to maintain it, and this rigorous effort has a good impact on the economy. This is why many of the most prosperous countries in the world often take extraordinary measures to conserve their way of life.

Africans have experienced some of the world’s toughest living conditions during the course of the continent’s brief existence but the continent now has access to a better way of life, and the majority of its countries have been working diligently to actualize a desirable future for its people.

Fortunately, this effort is beginning to bear fruit as a few African nations have not only succeeded in laying the groundwork for a stronger economy but have also begun to implement it. The foundation for what may be the world’s most successful continent can be seen in some of Africa’s most outstanding regions. They have demonstrated that, against all odds, Africa is capable of transforming into an ideal society brimming with safety and economic prospects.

With significant opportunities for growth, some African nations can even claim to have a higher standard of living than some of the most powerful countries in the world. Africa currently has the fastest-growing economy in the world, as well as the youngest and most technologically receptive people worldwide. With these factors in place, the continent will soon experience tremendous waves of development, and many African countries will be able to boast of having some of the greatest quality-of-life indices in the world.

Some African nations are already setting the pace with a promising future ahead. The African nations with the highest quality of life rankings are shown below. The ranking, which is based on a study by US News and World Report, was compiled by taking into account factors including work opportunities, access to housing, food, and high-quality healthcare and education. Job security, political stability, individual freedom, and environmental quality are further considerations.

Rank                      Country                 Quality of Life score           GDP Per capita         

1                             Morocco                       12.7                                 $8,144                    

2                             Egypt                            10.7                                 $13,316                   

3                             South Africa                  8.4                                   $14,420                  

4                             Tunisia                          6.5                                   $11,595                   

5                             Ghana                           6.1                                   $6,178                      


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