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Ways that Slack, Zoom, & Microsoft could be used by your employer to monitor you

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Is your employer monitoring your online work activities?

Many international firms have purchased employee surveillance software as a result of the pandemic’s remote work trend. Therefore, it’s completely feasible that your employer is monitoring your online work activities using brassware.

The trends in employee surveillance during the epidemic and what you can do about them are revealed in Surfshark research. When the authors looked into how employers may keep tabs on activities on well-known apps like Zoom and Slack, they discovered advice on what employees can do about it and suggestions for changing their behavior to prevent disciplinary difficulties.

Here’s how to maintain your privacy if your employer is using any of these methods to spy on you.

1. Slack

Surveillance software may access secret channels and messages on Slack, as well as your whole history of communications with anyone.

Because your boss can readily see private messages on Slack, only utilize it for professional chats relating to your work.

Don’t participate in any conversations on private channels that you wouldn’t want your supervisor to see.

If you stated something contentious in a private Slack chat six months ago, don’t assume you’re secure because your supervisor might still have access to it.

2. Zoom

Although Zoom has disabled some of its most contentious spying features, your boss can still use it to keep an eye on your work.

Use a personal Zoom account for personal meetings and your corporate Zoom account for business meetings.

Save the recording on your desktop if you need to record a meeting but don’t want anyone to see it.

Avoid making jokes or criticizing the host because your supervisor can view any communications you send to other attendees of meetings in the preserved transcription.

 3. Microsoft Teams

The same is true for Microsoft Teams, with the exception that your location and any calls you’ve made while using Teams or its Microsoft 365 Business Voice extension are both open to scrutiny.

  • Be mindful that whatever you say or enter while using the software may be heard or seen.
  • Keep moving when it’s time to move, and refrain from taking longer pauses or ending earlier.
  • Instead of working from a neighboring bar, make sure to be where your company wants you to be.

 4. Google

Users of Google Workspace should not be deceived by branding. Everything you’ve uploaded or made in a Workspace app, including your emails (even drafts of them), is viewable.

Using your business cell phone on the weekend does not mean you are invisible. Employers can install covert software on your smartphone that records calls and Skype conversations, records all SMS messages and other messaging app usage, and monitors your whereabouts via GPS.


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