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South Sudan Launches First-Ever Gold Refinery Company to Boost Mining Sector and Generate Revenue

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South Sudan has launched its first-ever gold refinery company in Juba, the capital city, in a bid to boost the country’s economy by improving the value of its mineral exports.

The refinery was launched by President Salva Kiir Mayardit in a ceremony attended by government officials, foreign diplomats, and mining industry representatives.

Speaking at the ceremony, President Kiir said that the launch of the refinery was a major milestone for the country’s mining sector and would help to increase the value of South Sudan’s gold exports.

“The launch of the refinery is a significant step towards improving the value of our mineral exports and boosting the country’s economy. It will also help to promote transparency and accountability in the mining industry,” he said.

The refinery, which is owned by the South Sudanese government and operated by a Kenyan company, will have the capacity to refine up to 50 kilograms of gold per day, with plans to increase this to 100 kilograms per day in the future.

The launch of the refinery is part of a broader effort by the South Sudanese government to promote the development of its mining sector. The country is believed to have significant reserves of gold, copper, iron ore, and other minerals, but the sector has been largely undeveloped due to the country’s civil war and ongoing instability.

According to the Ministry of Petroleum and Mining, the launch of the refinery is expected to generate significant revenue for the country, with plans to export processed gold to international markets.

“The launch of the refinery will enable us to export refined gold to international markets, which will help to generate much-needed revenue for the country. It will also create jobs and boost economic growth,” said Minister of Petroleum and Mining, Hon. Puot Kang Chol.

The launch of the refinery has been welcomed by mining industry representatives and investors, who see it as a positive step toward the development of the country’s mining sector.

“The launch of the refinery is a game-changer for the mining industry in South Sudan. It will help to increase the value of our mineral exports and attract investment to the sector,” said Josephine Wapakhabulo, CEO of the Uganda Chamber of Mines and Petroleum.

However, there are also concerns that the refinery could be used to launder illegal or conflict minerals, which have been a major problem in the region. The South Sudanese government has sought to address these concerns by implementing measures to ensure that only legally mined and exported minerals are processed at the refinery.


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