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Remembering Former IGP Gen. Acuil Tito Madut: A Legacy of Dedication to Law Enforcement and Youth Empowerment in South Sudan

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On March 10th, 2023, South Sudan lost one of its most distinguished and respected law enforcement officers, former Inspector General of Police, General Acuil Tito Madut. General Madut passed away at the age of 68 after a prolonged illness.

General Acuil Tito Madut was born in 1955 in Juba, South Sudan. He began his career in law enforcement as a cadet in the Sudanese police force in the early 1970s. He served in various capacities within the force until South Sudan gained independence in 2011, and he was appointed as the first Inspector General of Police in the newly formed country.

During his tenure as Inspector General of Police, General Madut worked tirelessly to create a professional and accountable police force that could effectively serve and protect the citizens of South Sudan. He was widely regarded as a dedicated and committed leader who took his responsibilities seriously and worked tirelessly to ensure that the police force was effective in maintaining law and order.

General Madut was also instrumental in promoting gender equality within the police force. Under his leadership, the South Sudanese police force made significant progress in recruiting and promoting women officers, and today, women make up a significant proportion of the police force.

Beyond his work in law enforcement, General Madut was known for his commitment to education and youth empowerment. He believed that education was the key to unlocking South Sudan’s potential and worked hard to ensure that young people in the country had access to quality education.

General Madut’s passing is a significant loss to South Sudan, and his legacy will live on through the many initiatives he championed during his life. He will be remembered as a dedicated law enforcement officer who worked tirelessly to create a safe and secure South Sudan.

In the wake of General Madut’s passing, many South Sudanese have paid tribute to his life and legacy. President Salva Kiir Mayardit issued a statement expressing his condolences to General Madut’s family and the entire nation. He described General Madut as a “true patriot” who dedicated his life to serving his country and its people.

The South Sudanese police force also issued a statement expressing its condolences and describing General Madut as a “pillar of the force.” The statement went on to describe General Madut as a “leader who embodied the values of professionalism, integrity, and commitment to service.”

Many South Sudanese have also taken to social media to express their sadness at General Madut’s passing and to pay tribute to his life and legacy. Messages of condolence have poured in from all over the country, with many people expressing their gratitude for General Madut’s contributions to South Sudan.

General Acuil Tito Madut’s passing is a significant loss to South Sudan, and he will be deeply missed by all those who knew him. However, his legacy will live on through the many initiatives he championed during his life, and his commitment to serving his country and its people will continue to inspire future generations of South Sudanese.


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