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President Kiir and Machar’s meeting has been postponed until Friday

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A highly-anticipated meeting between South Sudanese President Salva Kiir and his former deputy and current opposition leader, Riek Machar, has been rescheduled to Friday, according to officials. The meeting, which was originally scheduled for Thursday, is aimed at resolving key issues related to the country’s ongoing conflict.

President Kiir and Machar, who have been bitter rivals for years, are expected to discuss issues related to the implementation of a peace agreement signed in September 2018. The agreement was aimed at ending the conflict in the country, which has been ongoing since 2013.

One of the key issues that is expected to be discussed is the formation of a unity government, which has been repeatedly delayed due to disagreements between the two sides. The formation of a unity government is seen as critical to ending the conflict and bringing about lasting peace in the country.

The meeting between Kiir and Machar was rescheduled due to a logistical issue, according to officials. The meeting was originally planned to take place in the capital, Juba, but was later moved to a different location. The rescheduling of the meeting has raised concerns among some observers, who fear that the delay could lead to further tensions and delays in the implementation of the peace agreement.

The rescheduling of the meeting comes at a critical time for South Sudan, which continues to be plagued by violence and instability. The conflict has resulted in the displacement of millions of people and has had a devastating impact on the country’s economy and infrastructure.

Despite the challenges, there have been some positive developments in recent months. In September 2020, the government and opposition groups signed a ceasefire agreement, which has largely held. The agreement has led to a reduction in violence and an increase in humanitarian access to conflict-affected areas.

However, there are still significant challenges to be addressed. The humanitarian situation in the country remains dire, with millions of people in need of assistance. The COVID-19 pandemic has added to these challenges, placing an additional strain on an already fragile health system.

The rescheduling of the meeting between Kiir and Machar highlights the importance of continued international support for South Sudan. The international community has played a key role in supporting efforts to end the conflict and bring about lasting peace. However, more needs to be done to address the root causes of the conflict and to support the country’s long-term development.

The rescheduling of the meeting between President Kiir and opposition leader Machar underscores the challenges that remain in ending the conflict in South Sudan. The meeting, which is expected to focus on key issues related to the implementation of the peace agreement, is critical to ending the conflict and bringing about lasting peace in the country. The international community must continue to support efforts to address the humanitarian crisis and promote long-term development in South Sudan


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