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Juba city to install new traffic lights

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To lessen traffic congestion in the city, Juba City Council has announced intentions to establish a traffic lights system in Juba’s streets. Michael Lado Allah-Jabu, the mayor of Juba, stated that the council intends to put up 30 traffic lights and that the price of a single traffic light ranges from 38 to 50 million South Sudanese pounds, bringing the total price to well over a billion.

The project is intended to be implemented in stages and runs over three months and out of the anticipated 30 locations, the city council intends to start with congested areas in the town, in Gudele one and then go on to Seventh-Day roundabout, Custom roundabout, Juba university roundabout, and Buluk junction. 

The Lou intersection connecting Referendum to Rock City road and Custom to Gudele road will be the location of the installation of the new master design for the traffic light system.

The city council had previously installed more than 60 solar-powered traffic lights in 2014 at intersections across Juba but most of them are not working because they were looted or vandalized during the 2016 unrest. Additionally, he urged the people of Juba to assist the Municipal Council in safeguarding the street lights.

The mayor is excited because the new construction would ease traffic and make it easier for people to move around.


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