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DJ CENT MR NO REST Claims South Sudanese are unaware of how big of a deal he is

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DJ Cent claims to be the one sitting on the Industry Crown so far

A trip to Dubai, a commercial city, is comparable to a vacation to Gumbo Sherikat, east of Juba, according to afrobeat singer DJ Cent Mr. No Rest, who declares himself the biggest brand in South Sudan and an international artist.  There can scarcely be any debate about the accomplishments made so far in the crumbling music industry by the guy whose songs continue to dominate across the nation.

The singer of the famous song “Num Bet Mara” went so far as to compare himself to Grammy-winning Nigerian artist Wizkid during a recent interview.  He added that he has come to the realization that he should be living the same life as Chris Brown, an American R&B musician.

According to Mr. Cent, he just realized how famous he is after meeting a Sudanese woman in Zanzibar where he had traveled to while in Tanzania with John Frog, he says the woman remarked about how great he is doing.

“She texted me asking if I wanted to travel to Dubai when she went there. I claimed to be en route to the airport. She requested my passport details as a result, and when I went to Dubai, everything changed. “

 Mr. Cent claimed that his visits to Dubai aided in the development of his music career and unveiled his significance and potential. Additionally, DJ Cent slammed local music promoters for reportedly preying on musicians’ vulnerabilities and incapacity to profit from their tunes. He presents the argument that many promoters underpay performers, forcing them to accept the low offer. Apparently, South Sudanese promoters will set a price of $500 and require musicians to accept it. “Right now, I’m not interested in performing in South Sudan and pleading with promoters for pennies to use my talent. No, I have to set my price for my people, and they have to accept it. Not the opposite,”  he emphasized.

This is how the trade works, when a promoter approaches me, I evaluate both his ability and the venue where the performance would be held. I must start anywhere in or around Juba with 1 million South Sudanese pounds because I have faith in my supporters.

“To anyone seeking DJ Cent, you have to realize you are coming to a big brand,” he continues elaborating to Juba Gossip Reporter. According to Mr. Cent, paying artists handsomely will inspire them to put in extra effort and release quality music. Mr. Cent, who enjoys stirring up social media scandals, did not attend any of the holiday concerts in December and did not take the stage at the Together for Peace Concert, which featured the Nigerian singing twins P-Square. When questioned about his whereabouts, he said that he had been absent in December because he was scheduled to travel to Turkey. He claimed that only those living outside of the country regard him seriously.


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