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Bol Bol Unconvincingly Delivering For The Magic

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Bol Bol Has Earned Minutes And Granted Responsibilities at Orlando’s First Five.

Bol Bol gives the impression of being indescribable, more of a skilled than a regular basketball athlete . He is a Reed Richards cameo on the court, a better Marvel crossover than any other the NBA has tried so far.

The 7 foot 2 Giant with an elevated waistline and imperial long arms. Bol Bol has strides of 100M Sprinter turning the bend in the 200 meters. Bol is gifted with soft touches behind the rim and he can run the floor at a high speed for his hight. Last Wednesday Bol spun off one Atlanta Hawks competitor and then strided all the way to break a double-team and finish with an effortless slam.

Last week,in toronto he sprinted the length of the floor in five dribbles and executed with a roaring slam. 9 Minutes  later, he one more time jammped practically 94 feet to block OG Anunoby. 

Bol has been superb this season for the Orlando, a discreet player for NBA Most Improved Player and absolutely a more crucial one, the 23-year-old has lastly secured a system he fits in. He already scored more points in 29 games with the Magic than minutes played over his first three seasons. 

The 7 Ft 2 has started to flourish in Orlando, he says, because he is fit and in good shape, absolutely that scenario granted me lengthy playing times . Bol had none of the latter in Denver, on a veteran team with a back-to-back MVP in front of him. 

Bol carries a piece of his father with him and not just by wearing the same number. He has a picture of them together tattooed on his right calf, sitting next to each other, the elder Bol in a No. 10 jersey, his arm around his son. He received that picture from a fan when Bol was in high school and got it inked during his year at Oregon.


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